This is the oldest building on the property.  It is actually a Log House and not a Log Cabin because it has a second floor.  It was found by Mr. and Mrs. John Curry on property they own in Shelby County, approximately 4 miles east and one mile south of Shelbyville.  In 1975, they were in the process of tearing down an old two story house on the property when they discovered this beneath the kitchen walls of the house.  The house was donated to the Christian County Historical Society in the late 1970’s.


The Illinois State Curator estimated the house was built between 1830 and 1840; and that it is very unique to this part of the country.  It was built on a double brick foundation with evidence of a lean-to built on the other side.  The logs are 18 inch white oak.  The logs were disassembled, marked, and hauled to the present site and re-assembled.  The flooring of the second story is original; it is white pine.

The fireplace firebox is made with new bricks and faced with the original.


In 1975, the Taylorville Elementary School children donated $760 to use toward furnishing the house.  These were approved as authentic from the Illinois State Archives.  The furnishings are classified as Primitive.


The reassembly and authentication of materials and supplies were maintained as close as possible to the time period.  This can be evidenced by viewing the door hinge pegs, door latch, pegged flooring and chinking.